Alice Kroman
32, secretary
“The sins of an 18-year-old college student should not affect a 60-year-old cancer patient racked with agony. If it does the job, what the hell? It’s relatively low-cost and not very harmful. Fen-Phen and other drugs are much worse for you.”

Petyr Compos
31, web designer
“In today’s society, where smoking is frowned upon, why would you give someone a drug that could cause lung cancer? But if that’s what they choose to do, knowing the side effects, then it’s their decision.”

Sarah White
“40-ish,” professional psychic
“Whatever helps. Maybe if it they make it legal, so many people wouldn’t be killed trying to get it.”

Sam Alexander
20, student
“A lot of people could have a doctor prescribe it even if they weren’t really ill. I’d have to lean toward it being very controlled in hospitals.”

Brad Johnson
21, erotic retailer
“Marijuana is a lot better than the shit the pharmaceutical companies make. It’s a
natural thing instead of all the laboratory chemicals.”

Dan Wojcik
33, futures/options industry
“It’s fine for medicinal purposes. I’m sure the government could tax it to the hilt, like they do with tobacco and alcohol.”

Steve Kirk
24, club manager
“If it works, use it. Just for medical use, though. There’s no way they’re going to legalize it. They make too much money busting people.”

Carol Schramer
27, restaurant manager
“Anyone who thinks that marijuana should be illegal for everyone and would take such a moral viewpoint has never been in much pain.”