“I thought it would be like ‘And finishing the news tonight: Two dogs were found raising bunny rabbits, and Twisted Sister won’t let the Braves use their song.’ But all of a sudden it was big, serious headlines: ‘Gore, Bradley, Twisted Sister All Denounce Rocker.’”

—Ex-Twisted Sister Dee Snider, on www.deesnider.com, 1.19.00. After Atlanta pitcher John Rocker let loose with a heap of racism about New York City in Sports Illustrated—and also said, “Imagine having to take the [No.] 7 train to the ballpark…next to some queer with AIDS”—the band demanded he stop using their “I Wanna Rock” as his anthem.

“In effect, Mr. Gore was telling them they could now afford a pack of cigarettes and a beer before they die.”

—Arianna Huffington, conservative pundit and gay divorcée of California politico Michael Huffington, on the veep’s $150 million pledge at the U.N. to combat AIDS in Africa, which she calculated to equal $4 per HIVer. (Washington Times, 1.16.00