POZ invited HIVers at Hollywood service provider Being Alive into our Academy to award an Oscar for Best AIDS Leadership. Here they honor those who walk the walk—down POZ’s red carpet.

Dennis Hunter, 42
Film production Supervisor

Sharon Stone. Through amfAR, she’s been very vocal. She’s not afraid to get in people’s faces and say, “We have to raise money for AIDS research.”

Rob Lai, 49
Asian AIDS Activist
Bono. He’s always meeting with politicians and performing at concerts in South Africa and throughout the world to raise money for the fight against AIDS. He’s relentless in his dedication.

Arlene Frames, 40
Health educator, makeup artist
Magic Johnson, because he stepped out and acknowledged that he’s a heterosexual man with a wife and family living with HIV. Because of him, it’s more acceptable to be HIV positive.

Demetri Moshoyannis, 32
Executive Director, Being Alive
The rap-dance group Fannypack. Their record, So Stylistic, has some powerful messages for young girls of color. One song, “Smack It Up,” tells girls to watch out for AIDS.

Hillel Wasserman, 47
I wouldn’t give the award to anyone this year. I don’t feel that anyone has stepped up to the plate, and that saddens me greatly.