’Tis the season for renewal, from the green peeking out from under gray snow to the flower buds bursting to bloom. Invite the season into your life and your body with a conscious decision to start the year fresh. The simplest acts can be an opportunity to meditate on all that is powerfully good in your life—and to let the dark and depressing elements mercifully slip away. With a little help from these calm-inducing products, you’ll be able to move forward, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and healthy.

Regan Hofmann

  1. Nailing It For a natural cure to what ails you, take a stab at acupressure with the Shakti Mat. The mat is soft and cushy and covered with plastic spikes that, when laid or stepped upon, activate acupressure points on your body. Just 10 minutes a day may help relieve pain and stress.
    Shakti Mat, $34.95, Amazon.com

  2. Hands On Don’t underestimate the power of a healing touch, especially when it comes in the form of these tranquility spheres. Made from organic compounds and infused with essential lavender oil, the spheres can be pressed and massaged into the body to help alleviate headaches, anxiety and stress and to induce sleep.
    Tranquility Spheres, $32 for two and a spray top oil infuser, UncommonGoods.com

  3. Heels Over Heads Start the season by shedding your skin, literally. Use this foot scrub to exfoliate and smooth out rough edges, and then use the cooling peppermint oil to refresh and revitalize your feet. Pair it with a pumice stone for extra buffing power and put two fresh feet forward.
    Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub and No More Rough Stuff Pumice by The Body Shop, $14 and $6, TheBodyShop-USA.com

  4. Masked Avenger Instead of an extra snooze, start your day with an energy-boosting eye mask. Like a breath of fresh air for your eyes, this eye mask releases three forms of glow-inducing oxygen in 15 minutes. It also contains vitamin C and cucumber extract to brighten, depuff and hydrate your skin—mimicking the effects of a full night of restful sleep.
    Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask, $54 for four, Sephora.com

  5. Hot and Steamy Tonight pull back your shower curtain and escape, not to a dusty old tub, but a peaceful lavender-scented garden or a sensual citrus grove with these aromatherapy shower steamers. Simply unwrap and roll a steamer along the floor of the back of your shower until it fizzes and releases its calming essential oils.
    Citrus & Lavender Aromatherapy Shower Steamers, $25 for six, AngelFaceBotanicals.com