A condom distribution ban in Dallas County is still intact despite the steady increase of residents living with HIV/AIDS over the past five years, reports The Dallas Morning News.

This county had the highest HIV rate in Texas in both 2007 and 2006, which is why two court members are looking to reverse a Commissioners Court policy that was passed in 1995. The policy deems the distribution of condoms as encouraging illegal and immoral behavior and requires health programs to emphasize abstinence instead of comprehensive sex education.  

Though free condoms are available at all county health departments in Texas, AIDS awareness experts say that not all who are at risk will come to the county health department and ask for them.  

“Any barrier to receiving condoms needs to be eliminated,” said Raeline Nobles, executive director of AIDS Arms, a Dallas nonprofit. “It’s better to go in the communities that are high risk because they may not come to you.”