Tryin’a make a shady buck off the HAART-deprived Third World, eh? That’s the j’accuse! a July sign-on letter from treatment heavies at TAG, Project Inform and elsewhere lobbed at U.S. biotech Immune Response Corp. for pushing its vaccine-cum-immune booster Remune on Thailand for use as an HIV therapy. “It sends a poor message to the developing world,” said Cornell Med’s John Moore, PhD, who added his Hancock to the open missive, which expresses concern that Remune will be used in Thailand as HIV monotherapy when it’s not even approved in the U.S. for use with HAART. IRC countered that in Thai studies, Remune used alone proved not only safe, but upped T cells and squashed viral load in up to 70 percent of patients. At press time, it looked like the Thai FDA might give Remune the A-OK.