This Thanksgiving, say thanks but no, gracias to fat and sodium. What’s Cooking, a bold bilingual cookbook, serves 80 simple recipes to battle cholesterol and other food features that can spoil a positive diner’s holidays. Created by dietitians, nutritionists and other members of the health care workers union 1199-SEIU, each dish includes a nutritional breakdown and review, offering substitutions for special diets. Guidelines for wholesome eating and a calorie chart round out the menu. Side up that turkey with a sesame green bean salad (p. 92) or low-fat cauliflower with cheese (p. 83). Here, smart nutrition is easy as all-American apple crisp (p. 119).   

Get What’s Cooking ($11.99; 1199-SEIU Benefits and Pension Fund) at or Coliseum Books, 11 W. 42nd St., New York City; 212.803.5890.