Don’t let Big Bro keep you from making the most of the Net. Here’s how to surf under the radar:

Junkbuster’s Privacy Alert
Ever wonder how much of your skinny a site can scope out? This page will snoop around and show you firsthand how much you unwittingly reveal while webbing.

Wired Strategies’ Top Tips
If you think a file vanishes tracelessly for all time when you press delete, read these 18 tips for protecting your privacy.

Health Web Site
Privacy Study
A review of the privacy practices of the web’s top health sites, from Georgetown’s Health Privacy Project and the California Healthcare Foundation. (Go to the Privacy section to access.)

Center for Democracy and Technology
The top 10 ways to protect your privacy online, from one of the nation’s prime privacy watchdogs.

The Anonymizer
This is a site you can use to better mask your identity while surfing. Don’t sweat the details, it works. Just ask what’s-his-name.