POZ is fed up with the feds. For two and a half years they sat on a study finding that rats treated with THC, the wallop in weed, lived longer and developed fewer tumors than their untreated counterparts. According to AIDS Treatment News, the reefer research remained under wraps until copies of the draft report were leaked. That’s no surprise--the data, which offer strong evidence of THC’s safety, are contrary to what drug warriors claim. As POZ went to press, editorials with a pro-pot therapy position were piling up. The issue encourages strange bedfellows, with The New England Journal of Medicine, High Times and The National Review all condemning the Clinton cabal’s threat to punish docs who recommend pot. On the hot seat, the NIH convened a meeting of researchers to help resolve “the public health dilemma” posed by the California and Arizona initiatives. Protesters interrupted the panel, slamming it as a “stalling tactic.” What did the NIH’s report call for? More research.