With the feds funding false information about condoms, running reliable rubber info is increasingly a political act. So kudos to Consumer Reports. In February, the mag graded penile protectors for strength (the amount of air they could hold before popping) and reliability (the consistency of strength from condom to condom). The best didn’t burst unless inflated with more than 25 liters of air, and the worst exploded prematurely—at least 18 out of 120 times. Here’s the skinny:

The Best: Durex (both Extra Sensitive Lubricated Latex and Performax Lubricated), Lifestyle Classic Collection Ultra Sensitive Lubricated, TheyFit Lubricated, Trojan (Extended Pleasure Climax Control Lubricant, Non-Lubricated and Ultra Pleasure Spermicidal Lubricant)

The Worst: Planned Parenthood’s Assorted Colors and Honeydew condoms

The Chafe: Spermicides decrease shelf life and can cause female urinary tract infections; nonoxynol-9 may irritate vaginal and anal skin, increasing HIV risk.

The Slipup: Many XXL condoms exceed industry width recommendations—so they’re more likely to slide off at the moment of truth.