Planning to add another med to your already overstuffed pillbox? First, you should check out the possibility of nasty drug interactions. One quick way is through CyberDoc, a CD-ROM put out by Dagar Corp. of Bethany, Connecticut. The disk offers data on specific medications (including dosing requirements and side effects) and allows the user to maintain up to 10 personal profiles. Just type in the drug’s name (either brand or generic will work, but not “AZT,” “ddI,” “ddC” or other chemical shorthand), and you’ll get info on all the problems it may present when taken with food or other drugs. CyberDoc is especially handy for households with multiple-drug regimens or for those who are frequent med switchers. As always, you should check with your RealDoc before changing your therapy, regardless of the cyber warnings. The CD-ROM is available at an initial cost of $24.95 and can be updated quarterly or twice a year for an $11.95 trade-in each time. Call 800.BUY.DAGAR for details.