A tattooed and muscled basketball player slips his hand down his short shorts, a sleek swimmer is awarded a condom medal, an oiled-down tennis player gets ready for a match—these aren’t your average sports trading cards.
These are just some of the images on the “Play Smart” trading cards released in June for LGBT Pride month by Visual AIDS and The Men’s Sexual Health Project. They tell you how to play it smart while getting some play.

Each card showcases commissioned artwork by photographers (two of whom are HIV positive), as well as information on safer sex, HIV testing and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). The names on the front of each card are those of the photographers—not the subjects. Each pack of trading cards comes packaged with a sticker, condoms and lube.

Visual AIDS hopes the trading cards will spark both the exchange of data and digits. They’ll certainly be fun to swap.

“Play Smart” trading cards are free for distribution and available in bulk for the cost of shipping and handling while supplies last.

E-mail info@visualaids.org for more information.