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Twice-Yearly Checkups May Be All That's Needed to Control HIV

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I have been seeing my Dr. every 6 months with no problems. Viral load is undetectable and has been, and C/D-4 is ranging between 995-1288. I think I'm doing pretty good being that i became positive in 1986.

November 21, 2012 Lockesburg

Frederick Wright

I am convinence for me every 6 months is all I need from the medical community to treat my HIV virus surpression. Thank God for freedom of speech and freedom of critical thinking for some like censor opinions in fear of their opinion or scientific theories will be channlanged and may be a/new/truth to be addressed for science is build on change and new truths. I think it is time to question AIDS and maybe HIV sage one,HIV sage two and HIV stage three and changing AIDS as a diagnosia. Stage 123

October 26, 2012 coachella valley


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