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What's a Girl to Do?

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I have always had a great relationship with my general practitioner but on hearing my partner went to a health clinic for his test and was positive he was very rude telling me that he hates these clinics because they dont share information and they are putting his staff at i tested negative i felt the need to say i was paronoid about my partner and i lied in saying he was positive (not true)so now he thinks we are both negative . attitude is bad out there

March 14, 2009 london england


I am a pregnant poz woman and I am not always looked on favorably, even by friends. I do think ignorance is a big thing, because in the comments I've gotten, they either think I will have an HIV+ baby-not one person I know even realized that it is possible for me to have an HIV-child or that I would die soon.Hearing abortion debates by people who don't know my status,they have said that "obviously" someone with HIV should have an abortion.So there is a lot of ignorance out there.

April 23, 2008


I am a woman lving with HIV,and right now I am pissed. How come people are still so ignorant. This is why I will never disclose my status outside of family and medical.To think that all the "friends" that I have, such a high percentage would look down on me for having the virus. By the the way, I am undetectable and have a c-d 4 count of 600.

April 16, 2008 Orlando


Hi Regan, I'm curious about the study that showed only 14% percent of people believed that HIV+ women should have kids. Were these people in the study aware that the chances of passing the virus onto their child were slim to none? Or were they under the impression that the child would deffinitely be born HIV+? I want to believe tat ignorance was the basis of their poll answer. What can you tell us?

April 16, 2008


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