Do contradictory headlines leave you confused about nutrients and their possible benefits or dangers? Join the club. But one thing is clear: All studies show that good nutrition is crucial for a PWA’s survival. For a reliable source of solid information on sustenance, try Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson Haas, MD (Celestial Arts, Berkeley, California). This 1,100-page, easy-to-read tome is chock-full of practical help for dietary and supplement decision making, including specific nutrient programs for various populations, self-help questionnaires, healthy-cooking tips, recipes and seasonal menus. Haas’ engaging prose can help you navigate the stormy sea of differing opinions on everything from A to zinc, from allergy-free diets to vegetarianism. And PWAs will find the sections on immune enhancement and stress management—complete with suggested supplement dosages—particularly useful. All in all, a must-have tool for your kitchen.