West Hollywood is more than just another fun town: If the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) gets its way, it will become the nation’s first “Safer Sex City.” As of April 1, AHF had gathered half of the 3,000 signatures needed to call a special election and give West Tinseltown a new name and a healthy mission. According to the Los Angeles County Health Department, West Hollywood has an AIDS case rate of more than twice that of any other part of the nation. “We’ve seen a growth of unsafe sex in the last couple of years, and there are no condoms being distributed at bars,” said Michael Weinstein, AHF president and the man who came up with the plan. “The party-boy circuit is calling me a safer-sex Nazi. I’m proud of that.”

If passed, the initiative would make condom hand-outs a must in bars and exempt AIDS nonprofits from parking restrictions. While critics call the parking perk self-serving, Weinstein said it is the result of too many meter maid rows. “Most streets you just can’t park on,” said Weinstein, who claimed that the lack of curb space distracts do-gooders from projects like distributing condoms and putting up posters.