Got HIV, a vagina and an Internet connection? Click on over to for femme facts and forums (don’t forget the hyphen, or you’ll end up praying with some intensely Christian Canucks). What began in 1991 as a support group for infected women has become one of the nation’s top advocates for positoid sisters. This non-profit embraces those living with the virus because it’s been there, too. Precious Jackson, one of its leading ladies, shares her infection story and how the virus empowered her. What’s more, the site insists that being HIV positive needn’t infect your sex life. Behind an abstinence-is-safest reminder, the site gets real by saying this method is totally boring—and tells how to use a condom for safe bedroom fun. My kind of ladies!

A primo feature is Ask Debbie, a column by the site’s resident medical adviser. Debbie personally answers all questions regarding reproductive concerns, menopause or whatever else ails ya. The site’s vast treatment info includes everything from acupuncture to homeopathy. And whether a longtime HIVer or novice, you’ll learn how to choose an HIV specialist (knowledge and sensitivity are the keys).

If you have a story to share, e-mail it and become part of the newsletter (contact Alicia at 323.965.1564 or Whatever your HIV diaries or dilemmas may be, the ladies of Women Alive will help you get your groove back.