Five countries POZ loves:

  1. Great Britain If you qualify for disability, the government will foot the bill—or at least part of it—for a new car.
  2. The Netherlands HIVers can score cannabis at local pharmacies to relieve nausea and a waning thirst for frites.
  3. Brazil Med costs were slashed, thanks to a 1997 law sanctioning generic production of sky-high drugs.
  4. Botswana Blessed with diamonds but cursed with the world’s highest HIV rate, this African nation gives free meds to all positive citizens.
  5. Japan Despite economic woes, it doled out the world’s heftiest AIDS comp—$500,000 a head—to HIVers infected through blood transfusions.

Five countries POZ shuns:

  1. Thailand HIV and drug use were curbed by shooting more than 2,500 users and dealers in 2003.
  2. China Without legal rights, HIVers have been jailed, beaten and barred from swimming pools.
  3. Russia Nasty drug laws stigmatize users, allowing HIV docs to overcharge or refuse treatment.
  4. India A 150-year-old law branding homosexuality illegal was reaffirmed, driving HIV underground.
  5. Nicaragua Official policy prohibits nonprivate docs from treating HIVers, who have to hide their status to get any medical attention.