Kaiya Montaocean
You can contact the Center for Natural and Traditional Medicine at 301.772.8858.

Asia Russell & Julie Davids
If you want to ACT UP, the Philadelphia chapter can link you with activists near you. Contact them at 215.731.1844 or via e-mail at jdavids@critpath.org.

Dennis deLeon
The Latino Commission on AIDS lobbies policy makers nationwide. Reach them at 212.675.3288.

Jason Farrell
The Positive Health Group operates a harm-reduction and syringe-exchange program in New York City. Call them at 212.465.8304.

“Rubdown Lowdown”
Want to get touchy? You can reach the American Massage Therapy Association at 516.364.0808 or visit www.amtamassage.org. The Touch Research Institute can be reached at 305.243.6781

“The Skinny on Lipo”
The latest on lipodystrophy research is available from the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research at 202.530.2334. For more information on using nutritional supplements as treatment, visit the website of the buyers’ club DAAIR at www.daair.org.

“HAART Chart”
For a longer list of AIDS-related drug side effects, call Project Inform at 800.822.7422 and ask for their Fact Sheet on Drug Side Effects. Or find it on the Web at www.projinf.org.