“Swing Vote”
Contact the nation’s sexiest group, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SEICUS), at 202.265.2405 in Washington, DC, or 212.819.9770 in New York City.

Keep up with Jim Howley and his running mates at www.tri4life.org. To get intimate with Peter McWilliams, click and drag onto www.mcwilliams.com. Check out the trial info at www.petertrial.com.

“Beyond Condoms”
Start preparing now for life after latex. Richard Elovich advises that you take a cue from his own b.2K at GMHC by calling 212.691.2B2K. Other Rick’s Picks include Seattle’s Gay City at 206.860.6969 and Boston’s AIDS Action at 617.437.6200. To learn more about chemical condoms, contact the Microbicides as an Alternative Solution at 510.642.0105, the Alliance for Microbicide Development at 301.270.1182 or change@genderhealth.org, and the Population Council at 212.339.0500 or pubinfo@popcouncil.org.

“Ouch! Stop the Pain”
Get Cancer Care’s consumer pamphlet “Pain in HIV/AIDS” at 212.221.3300, or visit www.cancercareinc.org. To find a pain specialist, contact the American Academy of Pain Medicine at 847.375.4731 or www.painmed.org.