"Cosmo Confessions"
Haven’t had your fill of Doctors, Liars and Women? To get a copy of this sharp short, call Media Network at 212.929.2663.

"Full of Spunk"
O’Hara requested that his ashes be dispersed as widely and creatively as possible. To help out, write to Pansy at 1876 Market St., #103, San Francisco, CA 94102.

POZ Picks
Need a shot of Reality? Write to HIFY at 1242 Market St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102.

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"Cliff Hanger"
Pumped up by the Team Clifford experience? To get the newsletter and help him go for the gold, write to Box 33506, Austin, TX 78764.

"Some Like it Hot"
To learn more about the CORE Center, contact Playboy Enterprises at 312.633.3378.

"Camp Heartland"
Take a hike. Strike www.digital.com/info/camp/ or call 414.744.1118.

To order a free copy of Positive About Drugs, call the Gay Men’s Team at, or e-mail gmonks@candihps.demon.co.uk