Show and Tell
Get with the program. Get with Oprah! Surf and click your way to and tell the beloved queen of media that you want to be on her show.

For info about seeing Ron Athey say Hallelujah!, call Artistic License Films at 212.265.9119 or write them at 250 West 57th St. #606, New York, NY 10107.

“Love’s Recovery”
To get a little of Rusti Miller-Hill’s Momentum, call 212.691-8100.

“True Believer”
Get by with Rainey Cheeks’ friends at Us Helping Us, People Into Living. Call them at 202.546.8200 or write to 811 L St., SE, Washington, DC 20003.

“Numb and Number”
The AIDS Treatment Data Network (ATDN) will heighten your sense of understanding with a detailed fact sheet on peripheral neuropathy. Read it online at or obtain a copy by calling 212.260.8868. Also, for detailed nutritional treatments, go to

“Waste No Time”
Can’t get no assistance? Check out ATDN’s list of patient assistance programs by calling 800.734.7104.