ACT UP New York protested outside a major fundraising event of the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, claiming that “HRC has been absent on HIV in major ways,” according to an ACT UP press release and Facebook event page.

The New York chapter of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) demands that HRC shine a spotlight on HIV/AIDS by appointing a full-time liaison to work on HIV.

HRC is well-known for its Corporate Equality Index that scores Fortune 500 companies on policies relevant to LGBT employees; ACT UP wants HRC’s scoring criteria to include issues related to HIV in the workplace.

ACT UP also wants HRC to pressure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to repeal the outdated 1992 Helms Amendment, which restricts federal funding of comprehensive sex education materials and related research.

“A whopping 33 pages, buried somewhere in the back of the HRC website, is devoted to HIV,” reads the ACT UP press release. “By contrast, 436 are dedicated to marriage. It seems weddings are more important than the homosexual dying in Louisiana because he can’t get meds. Right here, there are hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers living with HIV and thousands more getting it every year, all relying on the same scant resources.”