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ACT UP Protest Urges Gay Rights Group HRC to Focus on HIV

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Jeton Ademaj

Eric, who are these rich guys in ACT UP of whom you speak? are you just another poisonously lying troll, or do you have facts to back up claims that were just refuted before your post?

February 13, 2015 Harlem, NYC

Eric The Red...

All HRC does, like any political group is hustle you out of money, for causes that can be handled in a grass roots manner. All they do is ask for money kinda like a pastor in his golden chapel. And for ACT UP I agree with the rich guys arguing with rich guys. I canceled my messily 5 dollars a month donation from my SSI check. They were asking for like lowest donation a month like 20 bux. They continue to send ridicules emails for outrageous donations. There is nothing sacred anymore gold is king

February 10, 2015

Jeton Ademaj

FAIL, Maxwell! I'm POOR n fight UNPAID. ACT UP NY fights on behalf of HIV+ and at-risk HIV-. We fight criminalization, stigma and government neglect at local, state and NATIONAL levels. our HASA Working Group meets 6-7 tonight, Main group 7-9, Prevention group on Thur 7-9. Our asks of the HRC include repealing the Helms/CDC restrictions on explicit educational material, fair access to organ transplants, re-adding HIV to their CEI, n helping the NYS Plan to End the Epidemic by 2020. shame on you!

February 9, 2015 Harlem, NYC


Perhaps we should list ACT UP's sins. For starters, they don't seem any more concerned with the welfare of HIV+ people than the HRC anymore. At least the HRC doesn't slow progress by pretending to care. As an organization that puts prevention for New Yorkers 1st amongst their concerns, ACT UP doesn't have any right to invoke the specter of a man dying of AIDS in LA. This is just rich white guys fighting rich white guys. Pick your poison, but at least one doesn't pretend to be our salvation.

February 7, 2015 The Flyover


HCR has failed to take care of our own. HRC has given short shrift to HIV criminalization. My money and time eill go to organizations that duppor the whole community.

February 5, 2015 Palm Springs

frederick wright

HIV is at that back of the bus for most Gay groups here in the south like Equality Florida where In one meeting they where very honest to state" AIDS muddys the water" I think if HRC leadership was honest most think the same it is deep shame and stigma in a debate the needs more than the back pages of a web site and own HIV people a heartfelt apology, I believe. In the 90s the Catholic Bishop brought us HIV people together to state" Forgive us the church for taking, so long to reach out to you"

February 4, 2015 jacksonville


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