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Cutting HIV Stigma in Black Barbershops and Communities [VIDEO]

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In all of the definitions of stigma that I've seen, nowhere have I seen fear mentioned. But surely fear is implicit within it... I don't see stigma towards HIV or AIDS, but just pure fear. To me, stigma is a mix of judgnmentalism and fear. But there is also just fear alone - like in the healthcare setting where we are told that someone is HIV+ and that we should take more precautions. As a healthcare worker I notice that the same fear is pervasive when we are told that a patient is HCV+ or HBV+.

August 4, 2018 UK


Kudos to you for not letting ignorance rule your life and for fighting back. This is a story of courage and self-pride many of us need to read to inspire our struggle to continue. Nikko you're drop dead gorgeous. Boston has the best health care in the world for people living with HIV. I'm a personal trainer and massage therapist and esthetician. If you want to know more about Boston and the excellent care I here receive you're welcome to contact me through the personal POZ ads. I'm Luis

July 31, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts


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