The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines recently issued a resolution urging for a total ban on condom advertisements, alleging that condoms do not protect against HIV/AIDS in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary, Agence France-Presse reports. The resolution, called “On the Government’s Revitalized Promotion of Condoms,” calls for a ban on condom ads in newspaper, magazine, radio and television.

The resolution is in response to Philippines Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral’s condom distribution initiative before Valentine’s Day to educate people about HIV. In the Roman Catholic faith, contraception—even for disease prevention—is not permitted. About 80 percent of Philippines are Catholic.
“The condom cannot really put a stop to AIDS,” the authors wrote. “Moreover, by creating a false sense of security, it condones and encourages promiscuity outside of marriage and hence contributes to the further spread of AIDS.”

Health records show 629 confirmed HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines, but experts believe many cases aren’t reported.