Cecilia ChungJeff Singer

“Always have your questions written down and be prepared for your visit. Ask if your doctor has an online patient portal, which is a great way to communicate and organize your medical info.”

—Cecilia Chung, diagnosed 1993

Enrique MenendezPhoto by Frank Yamrus; Hair by Steven Dillon; Styling by Diego Diaz

“Be open and honest with your doctor. Ask questions. And be willing to listen. Don’t think you know everything!”

—Enrique Menendez, diagnosed 1989

Ruby Ingram Courtesy of Ruby Ingram

“Don’t lie to your doctor! Tell everything, good and bad. And take your meds as prescribed. If you can’t, tell them!”

—Ruby Ingram, diagnosed 1996

Jeremiah JohnsonCourtesy of Jeremiah Johnson/Sean Black

“If you’re fortunate enough to have choices, shop around for someone who’s a good fit for you. Once you start, get to know each other and build trust. Give it some time and gentleness. Doctors are human beings, just like us.”

—Jeremiah Johnson, diagnosed 2008