New data suggest that many Africans living in England do not feel in control of using condoms, discussing safe sex and avoiding HIV infection, reports.

According to a study developed by Sigma Research and the National African HIV Prevention Programme (NAHIP), more than a third of the 4,712 respondents identifying as African and living in England said that they did not feel in control of whether they contract HIV.

Just under a third of condom users polled said that they had experienced condom failure. Also just under a third of respondents would worry about the social stigma of carrying condoms.

Researchers suggest that interventions may help bolster confident condom use among this group and address behaviors that may cause condom breakage or failure.

“The findings clearly identify the kinds of HIV prevention that are most needed by African people living in England,” said the study’s lead researcher Catherine Dodds. “Having detailed information about which Africans need the most support will help the organizations that fund and deliver services to better target their scarce resources.”