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Beyond Blame, Key Populations and PrEP: An AIDS 2014 Overview

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freddy wright

Bob, You are right millions more need to be spent on Social Media, which is a great source to bring information to the kitchen table and street beyond the professionals and educated. However I believe we do not live in a vacuum and people need to gather to bring information though thought and assembly and yes the press or a burst of hope for more to increase understanding. The cost is important and the gathering of human souls is priceless for Social Media is just one way to inform,I believe

September 10, 2014 Jacksonville

Bob Leahy

Wow. If this is an accurate summation of the major news from the conference, it was a remarkably lightweight occasion containing not a shred that couldn't have been disseminated through social media and without the investment of multi-million dollars that could have been better used elsewhere in a million different ways too obvious to mention here. This is a blot on how our community spends government and private money. Let's consider the cost/benefit of such affairs next time.

August 7, 2014 Toronto

Lonny LeFever

What make people believe that people using Travada will be any different then those who are infected and don't take their meds. All we are doing is creating a faulty system that will only allow more people to take risk of becoming infected.

August 5, 2014 Rosewood


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