The global advocacy group Human Rights Watch is criticizing how the Mexican government handles HIV-related human rights issues, United Press International reports (, 7/16). The International AIDS Conference will be held August 3 through 8 in Mexico City.

According to UPI, Human Rights Watch says that Mexico’s government needs to pass laws that better protect people living with HIV from discrimination and other abuses; laws are also needed, the group says, to ensure those people have access to the best treatment options available.

“Ahead of the 17th International AIDS Conference, governments are still violating the rights of people living with or at high risk of HIV infection,” Human Rights Watch’s American director, Jose Miguel Vivanco, said in a statement. “Governments have done little to fulfill their frequent promises to end HIV-related abuses. But until they act to end such abuses, even the best-planned policies to treat HIV and stop the spread of AIDS will fail.”