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Diagnosis: Stigma

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It is increasingly hard to find Doctors that will treat me since I am positive. I have been going to the big city since I can credit the local quakcs for my downward spiral and failure to ever test me for hiv, let alone recomend that I should be tested after having blood transfusions. One Dr.canceled my appointment, One told me not to come back, one made some very crude cruel comments, and one referred me to a Dr. that doesn't even treat the area I needed all this year.

March 20, 2009 MO


I agree it is very hard to trust anyone with such personal information, but there are occasions that it is nessasary ie I just this past year got valley fever and had to tell the paramedics of all my problems. they seemed fine except when I told them I had HCV as well and they were drawing blood the poor girl looked so worried.

June 21, 2008 Tucson

dave keiser

I'm like you,Idon't take any crap from health professionals. I've been positive since 1986 and remember when hospital staff wouldn't pick up food trays after a meal. My favorite time is when I go to a emgergancy room and want to get fast service. After seeing the triage nurse when I get there I start coughting without covering my mouth. I get fast service

June 19, 2008 fort lauderdale


I've been very lucky. The ladies at Chattanooga Cares are great. Every Dr. they have sent me to have been understanding and kind. Hearing horror stories like this sickens me. Stupidity is a widespread illness.

May 18, 2008 Chattanooga


I too felt that kind of stigma after my dentist came at me wearig much the same attire after learning that I was poz . Well tha was long ago and now I have an hiv savy dentist that has delt with my status with nothing but respect . I have to say BRAVo to you for standing up for your self and the rights of all of us that are poz in dealing with such situations. P.S. I also was poz for many a year but then when the AIDS disgnosis was determined it seemed to open a lot of med & dental doors .

April 29, 2008 birmingham


I find that people who have very,very high schooling education have no street smarts. They live in this bubble of being so educated that they don't open their minds to anything not written in books. I think that making a list of all these Doctors that ditch us is a great thing it. HIV+ is not a plaque.

April 19, 2008 NYC

Mildred Munoz

I am with you. I also have HIV+for 18 years and have come accross so many of those Doctors. How they ever decided to become doctors with fear of infectous Deceases I will never know. Here we are honest and get a kick in the A--. Thank God I finally found a Doctor that sends me to other Doctors in NYC who specialize in HIV+ patients. Since then I have had no trouble. BUT, I had a hard time finding a Dentist, for being honest, but finally found one after 5 tries.

March 28, 2008 NYC

Harry Jedlicka

I am living with HIV for close to 25 years when the name changed from GRID to HIV/AIDS. Stick up for yourself. The ignoramous people are the uneducated. You will live a long life. My heart hurts for you as I have a wonderful Doctor Team willing to touch me, love me and give me hope. God is my helper but I too have been mocked as a leapor. God be with you and if you need call me at 512-460-3029 or 512-924-6772. Love and tolerance is what this world needs. God Bless your soul!!!!

March 27, 2008 Austin, Texas


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