The AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride returned after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing 2,400 participants, the 545-mile ride raised $17.8 million for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and HIV services provided by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

The new total broke the 2019 record of $16.7 million, making this year an impressive comeback.

“The contributions of thousands of people who are part of the AIDS/LifeCycle community—riders, roadies, staff and donors—provide the resources necessary to continue this fight,” said Joe Hollendoner, incoming CEO of the LGBT Center, in a press release. “The donations, through hard work and determination, support medical care and social services to those living with HIV and make it possible to offer prevention tools, such as PrEP, to people most at risk of becoming infected.”

Launched in 1994, the marathon bike ride stretches from San Francisco to Los Angeles and lasts seven days. During that time span, according to the press release, 650 people (on average) in the United States contract HIV, adding to the 1.2 million people already living with it.

Tyler TerMeer, PhD, the CEO of San Francisco AIDS Foundation said, “Year after year, AIDS/LifeCycle continues to be a critical way that we raise support for HIV services, increase awareness about the impact of HIV and come together in solidarity as a community.”

To date, 65,400 riders have raised over $303.8 million.

Riding is not the only way to participate in the ride. About 650 roadies provide medical assistance, set up the ride, offer bike tech and parking help and more. “The ride isn’t possible without roadies, because we make sure everyone is getting to where they need to be,” said roadie captain Max Kiss in a video about the 2022 ride posted posted above on

Sadly, one participant, experienced cyclist Glen Brown, was involved in a single-bike accident and died as a result of his injuries.

Registration for the 2023 ride, slated for June 4 to10, opens August 17. For more details, visit

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