The Arkansas AIDS Foundation (AAF)—which is based in Little Rock and helps more than 500 HIV-positive clients cover their health care costs—is discontinuing and reducing services because of a funding shortfall, reports the Arkansas News Bureau.

AAF, which receives most of its funding through federal grants under the Ryan White CARE Act, will run out of money in January. A new round of federal grants will not become available until April.

In response to this financial shortfall, the health department has lowered the service eligibility threshold from 500 percent of the federal poverty level—an annual household income of $52,000—to 200 percent of the poverty level, an annual household income of $21,600. This will cut services to 153 clients.

Those still able to access services will receive less financial assistance from AAF.

“It’s going to be tough,” said Frederick Gentry, president of AAF’s board of directors. “Some of our clients have some very tight budget situations themselves. We run the risk, unfortunately, of some clients not being able to…afford their medication.”