A citizen petition signed by about 24 researchers and doctors asks the Food and Drug Association (FDA) to add a warning label on the birth control injection drug Depo-Provera stating that it may be linked to an increased risk of contracting HIV, reports Law360.

The current label states that Depo-Provera doesn’t protect from HIV. It does not mention an association with an increased risk of the virus. But Heidi Jones, an assistant professor at the City of New York’s School of Public Health, who led the petition effort, said that new analyses do show a strong link between the birth control and elevated HIV risk.

The petition also mentions a study on monkeys that showed Depo-Provera increasing vaginal inflammation and suppressing CD4 cells (the immune cells that HIV attacks).

“We recognize that the clinical evidence for a causal link is inconclusive, as the findings are based on observational studies which are subject to residual confounding and selection bias,” the petitioners wrote, according to Law360. “Nevertheless, we posit that the...data to date suggest a reasonably plausible association.”