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Out of the Blue

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WOW, I have had full blown AIDS since Jan 1986. Mr. Robinson told my story in this article. Thank you. I had never even thought of having PTSD, and have been struggling with depression since those horrendous years of nothing but death and dying all around me. Then as of late I lost my brother to suicide and both my parents to age related disorders. My response was to sit and stare into space all the last two years. Going to my local IV clinic where maybe they can direct me to someone to help!

May 5, 2016 Selah, WA


HIV/ AIDS here 37 yrs now' hm' depression; most of Us don't have time for that; We are too busy living in the moment' casting pebbles on the water and hoping for ripples; those that change the maudlin pull on Us to sink' deeper into regrets and guilt; instead We reach for the immediate beauty; true friend's you don't need many' a smile' a taste; a sound that reminds Us We are more then the condition' We are eternal.

April 23, 2016

Greg H.

My late partner Dennis was symptomatic when the ELISA test came out in 1985. He tested HTLV-3+, so I was tested. Wasn't surprised that I was poz too. I was too busy being a caregiver to contemplate my future. I inherited clinical depression from my mother and was medicated in 1986. I'm also a recovering alcoholic (1982). Now I'm dealing with situational depression being a caregiver to my 91-year old father for the past 9 years. As an overweight 63-year-old, I'm not optimistic about my future.

April 12, 2016 Davenport, FL


I worked as a nurse for many years, taking care of many different patients, each with their own diagnosis. But somehow, I was never prepared for my HIV diagnosis or the deep dark depression that has followed me since 2004. I have a great group of support people within the clinic I go to but once I am out of that clinic, I revert back into my reclusive shell. I have tried talking with friends but once I reveal my status they don't want to be bothered any more. Please offer advise!

April 12, 2016 WV


I feel ambivalent about this article - it surely sheds light on an important co-condition of some people living with HIV but its not very accurate/clear on a level of cause and consequence. Depression is co-related to HIV-Infection because of substance use and violence? What is the cause of that depression and is it really an individualistic "mental illness" or does it relate to the status of plwhiv as 'sexual minorities'/ gender troubled people because of societal conditions?

April 12, 2016


Oh, gee - we get HIV when we are in process of trying to find a life mate, then spend the next 30 years being shunned and dismissed as lepers, having to search for a partner amongst a reduced population of folks you may not be attracted to, we then age alone out of the Disco/social scene. Depressed? NO WONDER!

April 12, 2016 Toronto


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