Kerry Thomas, a basketball player for Boise State University in the 1980s, has been sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison for failing to disclose his HIV status to a sexual partner who allegedly did not contract the virus, the Idaho Statesman reports. He had previously served time for other HIV-related charges.

According to the article, the latest case stems from seven counts of knowingly exposing another person to HIV in December and November 2008, but five of them were dropped as part of a plea agreement on September 16.

Thomas, now 44, was diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago. He will serve two consecutive 15-year prison sentences for the remaining counts and will be eligible for parole in 20 years.

This is not Thomas’s first HIV-related offense. He was charged with knowingly exposing HIV to another person in 1990, but that charge was dropped as part of an agreement with prosecutors after he pleaded guilty to statutory rape. He served a 12-year sentence, with three years fixed. Thomas was found guilty on another HIV-related charge in 1996, for which he spent seven years in prison.