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Boise Man to Serve 20 to 30 Years in Prison for Failing to Disclose HIV Status

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HIV/AIDS is a very serious disease!So if someone knowingly has sex and does not let the other person know then the that person is now a victim!! Can I please decide if I want to have sex with someone who is POSITIVE!! Are you serious this man has a history of neglect and being irresponsible.!!

September 24, 2009 Harlem,NY

Brian J. Kratzer

Talk about absurd! I read the September 17, 2009 article regarding Steve Rhoades in Iowa getting sentenced 25 years, reduced to 5 years probation, and no infection yet Kerry Thomas has gotten break after break. Is it because of his basketball career/affiliation? What he's doing/done is attempted murder as far as I'm concerned. As a responsible paerson living with HIV, I always disclose when it comes time to reveal it (intimacy).

September 22, 2009 Fort Wayne


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