The Ku Klux Klan threw its hate behind an escalating crusade by street-preacher Ron McRae and other Bible Anabaptist Church members to shut down Casa Nova - the 60-year-old roadside restaurant and tavern recently reborn as tiny Forwardstown, Pennsylvania’s lone gay bar. Since mid-March, crosses have been burned, bomb threats phoned in, bar windows shot out. At the May KKK bash outside the bar, the imperial wizard warned: “Don’t make the next call have to be a business call.” Terrorism and publicity are bad for business, but Casa Nova owner Pat Cramer, whose daughter died of AIDS, is standing tall. “I am not closing my bar,” she told POZ. “They have no right to be outside my door calling people sodomites, child molesters and prostitutes.” To reach the preacher, call 814.629.7182.