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More Details on the Broadway Composer Lost to AIDS at 41

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I was afraid of testing for a while. I was afraid of being positive and having to take meds forever and also of them not working in my case and then dying - I've read that the meds don't work for everybody and some people still die. Also afraid of increase risk of cancer etc.Now I don't even bottom with condom (too risky) and I occasionally test, even though I've had no risk. I'm always very anxious when I test even though I know it will be neg. I'm going to stop testing since I don't have risk.

October 17, 2017


Diabetes and HIV + are not really comparable. For one, Type 2 diabetes can be brought into permanent remission by diet and exercise alone for many people. HIV treatment requires powerful and expensive medications for life. Even missing doses is dangerous. You cannot diet your way of it. Second, diabetes has no stigma attached to it. It is not caught nor spread through sexual activity and is not affected by issues related to dating, sexuality, etc. They are very different.

October 17, 2017 NYC


I was in this boat in 2004. I didn't want the stigma of HIV getting into my medical records. So I wouldn't allow testing. I had a tumor grow in my lymph node under my left arm that I allowed to get the side of a lime before seeing a doctor. It was aggressive lymphoma, a complication of HIV. I tested positive with a TCell count of 27. The virus had almost completely destroyed my immune system. So....there I was facing highly aggressive Lymphoma and HIV with no immune sys. I made it YOU can too.

October 15, 2017 Florida


i know im much as i hate going i found out i was diagnosed with hep b so this was good i guess i still go crazy going for 2x yr check ups another thing i just couldnt stand was hiv testing...although i never bb i was always terrified i fucked up somehow. finally i just stopped fucking so now i dont need to go for hiv testing. i get horny to fuck but i just think how it feels waiting for test results..that usually does the trick and deflates my dic lol

October 12, 2017


if this is a case of a man having excellent health care but just afraid or terrified of going to a doctor i can relate. i am completely terrified of anything medical. i have excellent health care i do go for check ups but the month or so before an appt i am almost paralyzed. i give blood walk out and go on my computer to check results knowing this blood hasnt even left the doc office i keep checking every hr..its horrible.

October 12, 2017

Frank R Carnivale

Konkrypton, no one said anything about "owing" anything that I could see, so come off it. This is after all POZ magazine and all about AIDS and people want to know how someone like him could die of HIV in this day and age.

October 12, 2017


As someone who nearly died of the complications of HIV/AIDS in 2014, I can understand how this could still happen. However, I was 70 at the time, and am a white heterosexual woman with no reason to think I might be infected..Apparrently, neither did any one of my several doctors. In neither case was the failure to diagnose reasonable. In his case, even more than mine.

October 12, 2017 California


Was he taking his medication as prescribed? How’d he die? Generally, an article raising questions, answers said questions.

October 11, 2017 Salt Lake City


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