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Norway's Export of Stigma

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Trent Landers

I counsel HIV positive people or those about to test for HIV. Give a false name and address if you test or get a test done anonymously with a number for test results. Never give your urine specimen for insurance approval. Have your doctor create a dummy file for ALL HIV related info. Use every state AIDS funded agency you can to pay for your tests and medications. Contact drug companies for free drugs. Write up a release of liability contract, have both sex partners sign it b4 sex. Use a condom

May 29, 2009

Trent Landers

I commend Edwin Cameron on his progressive position in efforts to have Norway remove its AIDS law 155. However, he need look no farther than the United States to find even more horrendous statutes and interpretations of statutes by the judiciary. The penalties they impose on consenting adults who engage in consensual sex and who may be HIV positive have been sentenced to at least 7 years with no transmission of the virus. The state of Nevada currently has 6 people incarcerated in this category.

May 29, 2009


if it would be a law for some it should be a law for all "people",whether they are negative or positive,knowingly or human is above another,end of discussion.

May 29, 2009 bay city


And as Norway likes to present itself as a humanitarian super-power, this is embarassing for the norwegian government. They should follow the advice given on the issue by UN and UNAIDS.

May 23, 2009


It should only be unlawful for someone with HIV (or any dangerous sexually transmitted pathogen,) to knowingly and intentionally fail to disclose that he or she has that condition to a partner immediately prior to engaging in any sexual activity that carries a reasonable risk of transmission. If no infection is actually transmitted, it should not be criminalized.

May 23, 2009 Helsingborg, Sweden


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