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HIV-Positive Woman Is Jailed Until Baby Arrives

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Agreeing with the INTENTIONS of the judge is fine, but as the legal director in Maine pointed out, this is NOT a position a judge has a right to put himself in. This a a social issue, not criminal. Regardless, it is wrong to utilize judicial power of another when no crime is involved. Precedent setting, where would it end? Who is paying for all this? The judge should become an activist seeking change in the IMMIGRATION SERVICES which is how things are designed to be. Hard? u bet, life is.

June 9, 2009 rural NC


Oddly enough I agree with the judge's sentence if it means the child may have the opportunity to be born HIV free. As long as mother and child get the care they deserve all should be set to rights. I do hope she's granted asylum after her sentence ends. Going home would be a death sentence.

June 9, 2009 New York


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