Following Jamaica’s example, other Caribbean islands will soon be required to implement national HIV/AIDS workplace policies once a regional policy—modeled after International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines—is established, The Jamaica Observer reports.

“In terms of programs, Jamaica has gone very far ahead as they not only have a workplace policy, but they have also developed material from which we are borrowing to share with other countries,” says director of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP), Carl Browne.

Following a session on Creative Caribbean Approaches to the HIV Epidemic at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Browne added that Jamaica’s success can be attributed to cooperation between government ministries and the private sector, in addition to the fact that the country established a business council to address HIV-related workplace concerns.

According to the article, PANCAP will help individual countries implement tailor-made HIV/AIDS workplace policies that will include ongoing education programs and a service component for workers and their families.