Three months ago, the Beverly Hills–based Center for AIDS Prevention was found to be spreading false HIV information and failing to disclose how it spreads donations. However, Pro Publica reports, the charity is continuing its high-profile 18-month fund-raising campaign that has reached the home pages of The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

According to the article, the Center for AIDS Prevention has suggested that birth control pills prevent the spread of HIV and has promoted ineffective herbal remedies marketed by a for-profit company. In addition, the center’s financial records show no expenses or revenues from donations and the group has not registered with California state officials—a minimum requirement for fund-raising.

The center’s director, Steve Neely, has repeatedly dodged inquiries from Los Angeles city officials; the attorney general of Illinois, where the center is incorporated; and with the federal Food and Drug Administration. However, according to Pro Publica, officials have not followed up on their suspicions.

The most recent series of ads appeared on the Los Angeles Times’s Web site between May 28 and June 9.