Actor Charlie Sheen says he made a mistake when he went off his HIV meds and traveled to Mexico for a cure based on goat milk and administered by Samir “Sam” Chachoua. “That man is a criminal and a charlatan, and he’s hurting a lot of good and decent people,” Sheen said of Chachoua.

Speaking to Matt Lauer on Today, Sheen said his viral load went from undetectable to 7,000 when he ditched the meds but that he’s undetectable once again. He is currently participating in a Phase III trial for a weekly injectable. “It’s one shot every week as opposed to pills every day,” he said, describing it as “the future of treatment.”

When Lauer asked whether Sheen had previously experienced pill fatigue, the former Two and a Half Men star said he had never heard that phrase before but that it’s a great way to describe how he felt.

Sheen also addressed accusations that he failed to disclose his status to sex partners, saying there were “two examples” of instances when he didn’t reveal he was HIV positive. “But protection was always in place,” he added.

It was seven months ago that Sheen publicly acknowledged his HIV status in a Today interview with Lauer.

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Meanwhile, Sheen is the spokesperson for Hex condoms, which are made by luxury sex-toy manufacturer LELO. As The Daily Beast reports, a group of feminists and sex workers are not happy with the company’s decision to hire a man with a history of violence against women. Several are boycotting the company and vowing never to review or promote its products again.