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Charlie Sheen on Charlatans, HIV Pill Fatigue and “the Future of Treatment”

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I Love Charlie Sheen! He is hilarious often times when he's not even trying to be. I think that we all need to get a laugh about something, especially these days an age, and all this stuff thats going on with terrorism an all going on, its a must. I say let him be what he wants to be, and if he wants to be a spokesman for those condoms then its fine. Dont judge lest ye be judged. Thats just my comment about it all, take it or leave it.

September 21, 2016 North Carolina


I find it interesting that so many alleged sources of advocacy are more interested in dragging Sheen through the mud than channeling him into something productive. He's hardly a 21st century Magic Johnson or Ryan White. In fact, he's a jerk. Still, he has deep pockets, deeper influence and an interest in a cure. Is that part of the problem? It must pain the powers that be when a celebrity with millions of fans is so disinterested in the taking the pro-pharma road to nowhere we've been on.

July 12, 2016 Collinsville, IL


What's even worse was when Bill Maher had that quack on his show without properly checking him out! He's not even a licensed physician which should've been a red flag to Sheen. Total lying quack using celebrities names to grandstand his BS from!

July 5, 2016


The last thing the heterosexual HIV community needs is a ho like Charlie Sheen representing us or condoms. He'd do better selling tickets at a bath house. He can't spell rubba'. As a woman who was so betrayed by her husband and infected, I don't feel sorry for any of women friends who now are crying betrayal. They have no clue. As the snake said, "you knew what I was when you took me in..."

June 28, 2016 Ohio


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