Here’s a shocker: Tabloids may be doing more than spreading rumors. In reporting on Charlie Sheen and his new girlfriend, Julia Stambler, gossip sites are providing important information—that it’s OK to date people living with HIV.

As TMZ reports, Stambler says she isn’t afraid of contracting the virus from Sheen because he is undetectable. What’s more, when friends expressed concern about her HIV risk, she relayed that they were living in the past—specifically, the early days of the epidemic, when we didn’t fully understand how the virus was transmitted and treated. She added that such a fearful viewpoint is a horrible message to send to people with HIV.

In the Daily Mail, she’s quoted as saying that dating someone who has HIV is not a “relationship buzzkill.”

The 26-year-old model reportedly met the Two and a Half Men star through his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

Stambler and Sheen have been dating for three months, the Mail reports, and were spotted recently at his daughter Lola’s 12th birthday party.

Sheen publicly disclosed his status on national television in 2015 and has been discussing his ups and downs with the virus since then, including talking about his experimental long-acting injection treatment. The resulting press has been making a difference. For more details read “Charlie Sheen’s HIV Disclosure Led to Spike in Home Testing Kit Sales.”

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