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Chronic Pain Is a Huge, Underrecognized Problem for People With HIV

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This article does not make clear whether it includes people more recently diagnosed and/or have only ever taken current HAART - i.e. is peripheral neuropathy more prevalent on modern meds than previously thought?

November 13, 2018


I too agree with Wayne, I've had PN for years due to the so called D drugs. Positive since 1985. Have tried gabapentin, pregabalin, high dose CBD oil, massage, acupuncture, capsaicin cream. Nothing works. I'm not going anywhere near opiods, so I just live with it. I think no matter how many studies these scientists review or new work they may due, there is no therapy. As regards to stigma, don't get me started, I don't hide my disease from anyone, but in terms of pain from PN . I have no options

October 26, 2018


Finally, someone is addressing chronic neuropathic pain related to HIV. This article hit every nail on the head regarding the issues I've been facing going on 7 years. All factors of life have been impacted due to chronic pain. Perception of pharamacists (not all) but many pharm techs makes me feel like an addict. I try to avoid taking my oxymorphone until I can no longer stand the pain. I am on the max dose of Lyrica. I've been in therapy for 5 years to address the isolation issues.

October 16, 2018 Phoenix


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