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Circumcision Tied to Lower HIV Risk in Men Who Have Sex With Men

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He who pays the piper names the tune. What is almost never mentioned in these reports on MALE GENITAL MUTILATION studies is that the research is funded by the makes of one-time use circumcision devices. Then, the results of the studies are owned by the company that funded the study. The researchers are forbidden from releasing the results directly by a Non-disclosure Agreement. "Good" results are then published and "bad" results are hidden by the corporation.

April 14, 2019


I'm not an advocate of slicing off men's foreskins, but I do see from this article that even the last paragraph shows significant reduction in contraction of herpes and penile warts for those who have been cut. And if indeed HIV contraction is lessened in some places because circumcisions then that is noteworthy. The foreskin is a peculiar thing. Many prefer to keep it for a different protective usage - namely physical protection. Circumcisions should be a choice for the individual.

April 10, 2019 UK


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