Recession, depression—whatever you call it, many of us are feeling the pinch. So MOMs Pharmacy, which specializes in HIV/AIDS, has teamed up with Under One Roof, a California nonprofit retail store that funds 28 Bay area AIDS service organizations (ASOs), to help. They’ve turned a 2,000 square foot space in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro district into the Under One Roof Community Resource Center—a one-stop HIV/AIDS service and shopping hub.

Rising transportation costs and shrinking services make it harder for people to find support. To save money and keep bodies and minds healthy, “our partnership makes resources more accessible,” says Anthony Luna, of MOMs.

At the center—which is adjacent to the pharmacy—a private office allows ASOs to do individual counseling, treatment and education, while a flat screen TV in a “living room” displays info about HIV and local services.

May the oneness spread to other cities.