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College Wrestler Sentenced to 30 Years in HIV Case Is Now Free

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After reading the comments connected to this article all I can think is, this, right here, is whats wrong with this country. Blame the victim and forgive, no CONDONE, the guilty parties actions. Im sure you would ALL have a different opinion if you were the victim of this horrible crime. But then you are all saints I'm sure and would never have sex outside of marriage with someone you barely know. Ffs

February 13, 2020

Sheri B

I have NO SYMPATHY for anyone who knowingly and willingly has sec without disclosing the fact that they have a sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV/AIDS which is life altering! It's the most selfish thing a person could do.

January 19, 2020


Who meets strangers off the web for anon BB sex and expects reliability? Once you're taking those kinds of risks, it's only a matter of time. I agree PLHIV should not spread the virus. However, the norms and laws surrounding disclosure stopped being utilitarian and are now mostly prohibitions on association. The law is wrong to do this. If you want to categorically avoid sex with poz people, STOP SLEEPING WITH STRANGERS. Don't expect strangers to know and tell for your convenience. GTFU

December 30, 2019 Cleveland, OH

Redhead 79

In my opinion, yes Mr. Johnson's case was surely biased because he's African American. Now if those guys who had sex with him knew about his HIV status beforehand, how can anyone be charged of transmitting the disease when they apparently had a choice to have sex with him? It's not like he raped any of those guys and they knew what they were getting into. Mr. Johnson is a good looking man and I'm pretty sure that he has no issue with attracting somebody.

December 19, 2019 Charlottesville, VA


Come on guys, Gay men in general will have sex with a guy and not even know there last name before doing it. I would say the guy Johnson was with also done the same thing. Who is to say these guys were not POZ before he ever meet them. A large number of gay men will have unsafe sex with a "HOT" guy without a second thought most of the time. A person need to protect them self. Not to think a one time F--- going to care if he gives you HIV or not.

November 21, 2019


I think with all the education that is being given, people who don't know their status should know better and protect themselves when having sex the first time with new partners. It shouldn't always be the responsibility of the positive person.

October 24, 2019

Need to say this

Yes it is a bad thing for someone to transmit HIV to someone that is negative. But I feel that it's just not the person that has HIV responsibility to let their sexual partner know what is their status oh, I feel everyone that have sex with male or female should automatically want to wear protection. People with HIV is already feeling ashamed about their situation so of course some will go out and have sex and say they are not hiv-positive. So you people that are not positive wrap, use a condom

October 23, 2019


For any repercussions endured; I have no sympathy for any HIV+ individual that engages in sexual activity with HIV- individuals without disclosing before intercourse. HIV- individuals have every right to decide - for themselves - if they will engage in sexual activity with a HIV+ individual. HIV+ individuals that carry out this specific act of interaction are (STILL) perpetuating a negative perception of the HIV+ community as a whole. Hopefully 5 1/2 years in prison taught this man value of life

October 22, 2019 Chattanooga, Tn


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