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College Wrestler Sentenced to 30 Years in HIV Case Is Now Free

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While I understand the race aspect in this case, I failed to see how it had any baring on the outcome. HIV stigma stil very much alive today, and this case has that stigma attached. That aside, it is his responsibility if he doesnt disclose to at least wear protection, regardless if the others doesnt. It is ethically and morally wrong to fail to disclose and at the same time practicing unprotected. The sentence, however, is extreme...but how would that fair to the sentence of the others?

August 6, 2019 Pennsylvania


RCa5chi, How was race used as the focus of this case?? You know as well as I do race is used as a focus for MANY cases against people of color in this country! How is 30 years in prison even justified when we all know HIV isn't a death sentence any longer?? What about the six men who didn't protect themselves?? They had the responsibility to protect themselves and they didn't. Some gay men will not ever accept fault or blame when they make the wrong choices. It's everyone else's fault!

August 3, 2019 San Antonio, Tx.


Why would six different men have unprotected sex with a total stranger ,and not use protection ,and this man deserves 30 years in prison ,more than most murderers ,we really don't know who infected who ,since nobody was using condoms,or practicing safe sex. A half way decent lawyer should have had that thrown out of court .

July 29, 2019 TULSA


I'm disturbed that race was manipulated as the focus of this case! I don't care what color any defendant is, if you do the crime, you deserve the consequences, period! It doesn't make sense that 6 different sex partners would "randomly" conspire against him?. Today people believe Prep will Guarantee them protection but it only helps to protect them. HIV doesn't discriminate, not then or now...

July 17, 2019


HIV is not a crime; failure to discuss it, Undetectable and Truvada notwithstanding, is roguish.

July 13, 2019 Boston


With all the sex apps today,how can anybody determine who exposes them to H.I.V,except in smalltowns,if you go to police be willing to give up your smartphones,browser history, young gay men its up to you to protect yourself ,there are other stds you don't want,leave the police out of it,now Missouri is trying to take away womens reproductive rights, its hard living in the bible belt , young people gay and straight register and vote,our lives do depend on it.

July 13, 2019 TULSA


this is good news ???? hate he lost the 5 to 6 yrs in the judicial system. hopefully he'll have an opportunity to have a normal full life ahead of him ❤

July 11, 2019 us


So what is a person if undetectable. I understand it's human and ethical to disclose before sex, but if he doesn't is that still crime? He is not going to transmit whatsoever

July 11, 2019


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